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Welcome To My World

Posted by donaldwhite on August 10, 2008

This is gong to be my place to just be me. To be who I am and to relay my thoughts. If you come across this blog and you have comments to make then by all means please do so.

Like everybody on the planet I guess you can say I have baggage. I have handled this baggage in the best possible way I could and have been successful in keeping most of my sanity and humor.

Yesterday, although I have been living in my new apartment for the past 4 months, I finally started to unpack my boxes and throw away things I have for some reason kept for all these years. I have started a new chapter in my life, one I know will be uphill all the way.


2 Responses to “Welcome To My World”

  1. flyawayelliott said

    I too have baggage, don’t we all. I have been carrying mine around for 30 years. People tell me time will make the pain go away, the truth is the pain never leaves time only makes it more bearable. Just think that what goes up eventually has to come down. Hang in there, sometimes kept things need to stay that way…

  2. donaldwhite said

    30 Years is a very long time. I too hope you find the strength to carry on and find true happiness for yourself. Thank you for your comment.

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