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August Weekend

Posted by donaldwhite on August 11, 2008

Well I did move back in April of this year however I never really moved in. I mean all my stuff was there and I lived there however I only unpacked the boxes with the stuff I needed. Well this past weekend I decided that enough was enough and started to go through the boxes one at a time and set aside the junk I have been collecting for the past few years and made quite the nice pile of garbage for the city workers to haul away.

When we think of it we as human beings seem to always want to keep eevery little piece of paper w ever put our hands on as well as pamphlets, books, magazines and the ever so popular flyers from all the stores we seem to love. In my case that would be every electronic store in the city. I am not out of the woods yet however I am on the right track and should be finished hopefully by next weekend if I continue on the pace I am on now.


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