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Monday Once Again

Posted by donaldwhite on August 18, 2008

Well it’s here………………Monday. I hate Mondays especially when I have to start my work week. I figure I am not alone. The weekend went by way too fast. Saturday started off with a great breakfast with my dad at a really good resraurant, one we both like and know the owner. The remainder of the day was slow and relaxing. I slept for about 3 hours only to be awakend by the sound of my telephone ringing. Then spent some time with my dad to make sure he was doing well and improving from his fall down some of his fromt stairs this past Wednesday.

Sunday I was up bright and early because the landlord decided at 6:42 AM on my clock to start doing some work in the next apartment to get it ready to rent. Had shrimp for breakfast, went to do my laundry then out for lunch with a good friend. Watched a couple of episodes of “The Closer” then went to bed.

Sort of a good weekend however a fairly quiet one. The really good thing was that it didn’t rain whatso ever.


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