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Life Without The Olympics

Posted by donaldwhite on August 25, 2008

So what are we to do now that there are no more Olympic Games to watch on television. I for one will miss the great coverage seen on CBC (Canadian Broadcasting Corporation) who in my opinion had the best coverage in North America. I have to say that I am not into sports however when I see youth from all over the world come together and give it their all, I am a believer.

I mean sports like water polo, volleyball, track and field, cycling as well as all the other rarely seen sporting events were covered in great detail. I am proud of the 18 medals the Canadian athletes won for I know that they have to pay their own way in their training as well as keeping up with their education and for the most part working at a part time job. So I want to thank the Canadian Athletes for bringing home the medals they did and I need to say that I am so very proud to be a Canadian.


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