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The World As We Know It.

Posted by donaldwhite on August 28, 2008

The World As We Know It.

So as we look at the world getting smaller each and every day what do the future generations have to look forward to? There have always been wars and they will never stop. There will always be people and countries but mostly the leaders of those countries that truly believe in war as a justification to conquer the world. I would hate to be a young person in the world we presently live in for there is so much uncertainty.

Small seems to be the rule and no longer the exception. Smaller stores, smaller shopping centers, smaller paychecks, smaller homes and condos not to mention smaller cars. In fact Fiat of Italy has re-released the Fiat 500 that was once the flagship of the company’s production way back when, it was also the smallest car being produced int he world at the time.

The world is changing and I am not ready for this change as it happens all around me. Twenty years from now I would hate to see what we have become as a world. I will leave that to all the young folks out there to sort things out and I truly hope they find leaders for their countries that stand for real values and not just ego trips.

This world could be a lovely place to live if people would just leave it alone.


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