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There’s this thing about words.

Posted by donaldwhite on October 5, 2008


There’s this thing about words.

They are a great help.

But they will also fade away and give birth to new ones.

We both know.

I will just be repeating myself.

Saying all those nice things.

In the twilight I see you blushing and I’m blushing too.

Ear against mouth.

Hair against lips.

And you always smell so good.

We both know.

We’ve said it before.

But eveytime it feels so new, so true.

And we’ve done it before, sharing whispers.

And it feels so right, so inevitable.

We’ve said things wich can not be forgotten.

Let’s do it a little more.

I held my breath.

And you said something that was really important.


Personal comment:

To a friend. May this give you your five peaceful minutes.


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