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More About Me (part 2)

Posted by donaldwhite on October 19, 2008

Back to my mother for a bit. When I was 14 years old, my mother introduced me to her new boyfriend Dave. I liked him right from the get go. He spoke to me explaining to me the kind of business he had and what he wanted to do with it and also spoke to me about his children. Karen, Frank and Linda. His wife had decided to leave him when the pressures of family life got too complicated for her. Within a few months, I met the family, my mother moved in with him and it became sort of an extended family. Linda was the youngest of the children and the one that caught my eye. I (we) had a crush on each other. The parents knew about it and rapidly put a stop to any goings on that may have been in the picture. I would only see Dave and his family on very special holidays such as Christmas and summer vacations. When I was 16 I spent 8 weeks in Chateauguay at their home and worked for Dave at his machine shop. He paid me $1.00 per hour for a 40 hour week. I guess it was good money for the time. I spent the money on records and tapes (8 tracks). Proving once again I loved music to the max.


When I met Madeleine, Linda got very angry with me and when Madeleine and I married in September, Linda although invited to our wedding, went to a bar at the age of 16 and brought home a man 18 years older than she was and he never left. They eventually married and it lasted for 17 years. Linda had 4 children, 3 with her husband and one through an affair she had while married. This is all I will speak to anyone about Linda at this time.


Mado and I married and well I guess you can say that she was pregnant a month before the wedding even though we thought we were being careful. It was our plan however to start a family right off so that we could still enjoy our lives when we were older and they were all grown up. Patrick was our first son. He was born on the 11 th of May. Two years later Daniel was born on the 4 th of May. We were a very happy couple with these two great children.


The day we were married was quite eventful. I was late getting to the church because the taxi driver we had hired lost his way. Madeleine was getting nervous wondering if I had changed my mind. The church ceremony went very perfect then we were off to the reception. BIG mistake here made by me. I got up on stage and started to play with the band. I was up there for over an hour while the families watched very surprised their newest member playing his own music. Mado wasn’t upset at all but looked on with big brown eyes at her new husband. My father’s second wife, Veronica, loaned us my father’s car, the one he had been pushing out of the snow when he got his heart attack. It was a 1965 Pontiac convertible. We left the reception hall and began the relatively short drive to the motel where we were to spend our first night as man and wife. I began to cry and had to stop at the side of the road because I couldn’t see the road for the tears. I cried because my dad couldn’t be there with me and it was at that moment that I missed him the most. I idolized my father. He was DAD.


We had purchased a house on the same street as Madeleine’s parents and I hated it. The house was small but cheap. $85.00 per month mortgage for 10 years. Living on the same street and within view of the in-laws, made my life crap. Don’t get me wrong, I loved both my mother-in-law and my father-in-law but they continually watched our activities. Oh well live and learn I guess. I was so happy, I loved my life even with the in-laws. Mascousche was about 40 minutes north of Montreal and was building up by the day. It eventually became quite the city.


Patrick and Daniel loved living in the country but I didn’t. Too many mosquitoes for me and too much traveling back and forth to Montreal where I always worked. Everything was in the big city, movies, stores and other activities. Both of my boys went to French school for we wanted them to learn French as their first language, especially since we all lived in Quebec. Neither son enjoyed school and neither one finished high school either. Patrick loved sports where as Daniel didn’t. Yes he did try soccer and baseball but decided he wanted to stick to hanging out with his friends and music. Patrick played hockey as well as baseball. He was a goaltender in hockey and it cost a fortune to keep him in equipment all through the years. I wanted to more than just support him in his activities so I decided to coach both his baseball and his hockey teams. My main focus at the time was not just in winning the game but in having fun playing. I wanted to build character in those young minds and they did not let me down. They rocked and became a winning team on their own because they believed in themselves. A quality I would bring with me all through my life.


I worked hard and provided for my family as best I could. We made mistakes throughout our lives but we were true to each other and to our children. Our best friends were Madeleine’s three brothers. Two of them we hung out with all the time. Went camping, the theater and most of all shopping. Yahoo………………..I was born to shop. We went through the van phase where we customized a van to camp in and took it to Niagara Falls and the big TO. We spent as much time with the children as possible. Our home was always open to anyone passing by. Pat and Daniel’s friends spent ore time at or house than at their own because, “Your dad is way too cool”. They felt like they were part of our family and in one way I guess you can say they were.


During these years, I found the true meaning of life, family. I loved my family and would do anything to make them happy. The boys got a new bicycle every year and the Christmas tree was always filled to capacity. We were fortunate in that we both had great jobs and could afford the best for them. Through all of this however, they never took anything for granted nor were they ever labeled as spoiled. The knew just how hard we worked to insure they were happy. I was so proud of them for their decisions in life and I have always told them I would support them no matter what and this goes still today.


I was always good around the house and a great cook. Yes I am blowing my own horn over this. My in-laws would come over almost every Sunday for my cooking. My specialty is Italian but I made a mean Chinese as well and all from scratch. My Uncle Walter showed me through example how to treat a woman. They would have been married 63 years this past July 29th. Anyway he always put my Aunt ahead of him no matter what it was. He helped her around the house, cherished the ground she walked on and especially showed me what true love is all about. Nothing fake about them. I learned through example, saw how he treated her and did the same.


I supported Madeleine in everything she attempted as a craft or hobby. I would learn about what she was doing and was always on the lookout for things she could add to her collection. She collected PJ’s, dolls and especially Ginette Reno records. Her idol to say the least. I even managed to have Mado meet Ginette backstage at Place des Arts after an exhausting concert. I had an aunt that was friends with Ginette’s sister. Mado was thrilled.




Music is a major part of my life. It thrills me, excites me and emotionally brings me to tears. As I mentioned I played on a few bands during my younger years but really discovered music when I found a lending library in Montreal which rented out long play records for a week at a time. I would go down every Friday night in the evening after supper. Mado did her crafts when she didn’t come with me. I would ask Edgar, the owner, to introduce me to various new kinds of music. I explored Jazz as well as Classical and Opera.When I was very yound and the other teenagers were busy dancing, I would be the guy at the foot of the stage checking out the guitars, amps, drums as well as the keyboards and other equipment. I was a sound man for a theater production put on by a theater group that was run by my English teacher. Mr. Raymond Casper, yes just like the ghost. Mr. Casper was as friendly as the ghost. He was one of those teachers that makes a student happy and excited to go to school and learn new things. I managed to see many different concerts in Montreal including The Rolling Stones (3) times, Paul McCartney, Midnight Oil, Montly Crue, Whitesnake, Ginette Reno, Michel Louvin, Jean Lapointe and so many others including Randy Travis. I (we) would go to the Montreal Jazz Festival whenever I (we) could as well as many concerts in the park and the “Ste Madeleine Country Festival. We purchased a tent trailer and soon traded it in for a 23 fool normal travel trailer. I would always bring a guitar along just in case. I play guitar, bass as well as drums. Oh and I can mess around with an organ / keyboard. I cannot read a note of music except for guitar chords. For many years I also did DJ work for family parties and corn roasts. The two best concerts that I saw bar none, were Benny Goodman and  Paul McCartney. I still get goose bumps when I think of these two.


More to come…………………………………………….. 


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