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Remember These?

Posted by donaldwhite on January 10, 2009



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Posted by donaldwhite on January 5, 2009


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Mom and Dave Christmas 2008

Posted by donaldwhite on January 3, 2009


Mom and Dave

Mom and Dave

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January 1, 2009……..Happy New Year

Posted by donaldwhite on January 2, 2009

Well 2008 was quite a year. One of the reasons I do not make resolutions is because I cannot ever seem to get them right. I guess the first positive thing that happened to me was I was able to find myself a cool place to live. It is on the top floor in a 2-story building above a barbershop for men and a beauty salon for women. The owner of the beauty salon is my landlord and he is a very goodhearted person.

Well anyway the apartment was exactly what I was looking for. It has a very large loving room area for my main music listening and movie watching, a useable dining area, closed in kitchen and a bedroom big enough for my home office as well. Oh and there is a balcony which I enjoy sitting on in the evenings listening to music or surfing the web before I go to bed.

There were many ups and downs in 2008 the biggest down being the death of my adoptive mom at the age of 86 of cancer and related heart failure. I miss her dearly but my worries are with my adoptive dad who is 88 and had been with his wife for 63 years. He and I have been through many legal issues that both governments here in Canada need to get their hands into but all seems to have worked out and he is starting to understand that life although being lonely must go on. He is a survivor and I love him. I see him every day to keep him company and to administer his eye drops. This digs into my own personal time but the reality of it is I am all he has left in the world. I consider it my duty to help him.

There were ups and downs with my job as well for there were days I enjoyed it but there were more days when I just didn’t know. I was frustrated at what I had to versus what I wanted to do. Not too sure what is going to happen there in 2009.

My love life was non-existent and even though I tried to make peace with someone, I never really did in fact I managed to only get her more and more angry with me. Well for 2009, I have given up and I hope she finds the happiness she is looking for.

2008 showed more strain with my children for they believe I do not spend enough time with them and spend too much time with my Uncle and helping him getting him through life in these hard times for me.

Oh and I have given up all but three of the 14 or 15 medications I took daily for high blood pressure, cholesterol and diabetes. I am thinking why prolong the inevitable right? Anyway it is a personal choice and so far so good but I know very much I am only living on a prayer.

Let’s see what 2009 will bring and where it will bring me. 

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January 1, 2009

Posted by donaldwhite on January 1, 2009


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