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Posted by donaldwhite on August 14, 2010

Me in the future...................TODAY IS FRIDAY THE 13th. What does this mean? MANY PEOPLE BELIEVE THIS IS A DAY WHICH CHANGES THE FUTURE. Don in the future.


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August 3, 2010

Posted by donaldwhite on August 3, 2010

Well it is the beginning of a new week the first week of August already. I still don’t see the days and weeks race by and it is becoming worrisome for it can only mean there is nothing happening that is memorable. This past weekend was a long one for me as I decided to take Friday off as well.

Friday was a really good day as I went downtown for lunch and window shopping. The weather was great, not too hot and not humid. The downtown was a hustle and bustle of people going back and forth all with some mission in mind. I on the other hand didn’t have anything planned other that having a great lunch and enjoying the day off.  It just so happens that Apple was releasing the iPhone 4 in Canada on that day so the simple going to the Apple store turned out to be impossible for there were over 400 people waiting in line at any one time waiting to drop as much as $800 for the trendy little device. I on the other hand have no desire to have a cell phone the least of which costs as much as it does.

While downtown at one of the malls I was having a coffee at Dunkin, one of the few remaining in Montreal, when two security agents were escorting a man towards the food court when 4 uniformed police officers came in to arrest him. While three actually subdued him one office had drawn his gun however did not point it towards this individual. People in for food court were probably wondering as I was if we should kiss the floor just in case.

The day ended by my visiting my good friend Clause at Sound Ideas a high end audio store where I was able to buy his Patricia Barber Vinyl LP recorded in France live. What a great ending to a lazy day off.

The weekend was as normal, fairly uneventful. I did manage however to make my way to Fairview Shopping Center in Pointe Claire and the Apple store there. The big lineup was over for the iPhone and I wanted to get some hands on time with the iPad. When it first came out a few months ago I was only able to see one at a Future Shop location in Saint Laurent where I live. They had sold out their allocation the day before but did have a demo unit on display which was being tested by a few folks ahead of me in line. I decided to go back another day. Well Saturday was the day and with over 24 units on demo I was able to spend at least an hour or so trying out all the applications this little gem has and although I was not as impressed at the beginning of my experience with it by the time I left the store I knew that I would soon have one. I will wait until September when my cable provider will be launching their 3G network and iPad data packages to see if I want the one with or without the 3G capabilities. What can I say? I love Apple products.

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And More

Posted by donaldwhite on August 3, 2010

Camping Years:

Camping is something I have done since a very young age. When I was 10 or 11 years old my mother was going out with a guy named Walter Martin. Not a really nice guy for I heard later in life that  he use to hit my mother. Anyway Walter was big into camping so mom got into it as well. We would go to a place in New York State called Tupper Lake. The camp ground was called Rollin Ponds and it was run by the state. It was the most beautiful campground I have ever seen even up to today. The campground was build around a fresh water lake fed by streams from the mountains. The lake water was so clear that you could see your feet on the sandy bottom when you were chest high into the water. Each individual site was separated by trees and had its own little private beach. We would go on some long weekends but always ended up there for our summer vacations. The place was so nice that when I was married and had my own children I took them there not only as youngsters but again in 1989 as adults. There were times when I enjoyed camping and there were other times when I had no use for it. The older I got and the older the children got the more work I had to do and so it never really became relaxing. Oh believe me when I say that everyone said they would pitch in to help set up and break down camp but it never really happened. I sort of enjoyed camping with a very little tent and very little equipment more that I did when we had all the joys of home along with us.

As a family, we started camping in a tent and then added a screened in kitchen, moved onto a tent trailer and finally ending up with a regular trailer. I never really traveled with the bigger units, because we elected to rent a lot on the south shore of Montreal at a little town called Ste. Madeleine. I believe it was something like $800 per year to have the summer months including electricity and water and storage of the units over the rough winter months. It sort of became a country place to go to on weekends and some evenings during the week.

When I came down to New Brunswick to live, we started camping as a family in one of the provincial parks up near St. Louis de Kent. I cannot ever learn to pronounce the name if the place let alone spell it. Well we had a small GEO Metro car and a large family so I would have to make two trips to get people there and two trips to get them back to Moncton. Most of the weekend was spent driving. Once there, they would all disappear and guess who would be elected to set up camp. Well I sort of got fed up with this idea and decided I no longer wanted to go camping under those conditions. I still love camping and all the pleasure that can be derived from the experience but no longer with all the equipment and all the work. This is one time when I truly believe in downsizing.


I have always been fascinated by computers in a big way. I purchased a Commodore Vic 20 the first month they came onto the market way back when. It came with a huge 4 Kilobytes of memory and cost $399.00 which was a lot of money for a toy. From there went to a Commodore 64, Radio Shack Model 4P and then various different PC based models up to a 386 running Windows 3.1. People would laugh at those computers today but in their day they were the cutting edge of modern technology. I still have 2 computers running DOS and Windows 3.1 with floppy discs. Today I own a 14” iMac computer as well as a several PC laptop models. I was the first at Ideal Metals to use a computer in my day to day work. I designed a database for tracking my sales calls, customer inquiries as well as quotations and sales forecasts. I still love computers today but for the music I can experience, the photography sites and of course the e-books I can download and enjoy. I have downloaded more than 250,000 songs and have placed them on several external hard drives for I know that one day the music will stop being shared once the record companies find a way and I want to be able to continue to enjoy the music for years to come.


Religion is a very touchy subject which I do not speak about very often. I was baptized Roman Catholic at birth and was raised in a Catholic household. I would go to church on Sundays as well as special holydays during the year when I was young and went with my Aunt and Uncle. When I was old enough to go to church on my own I stopped going. I would leave the house on Sunday mornings but would go for French Fries at a local restaurant. I would stop quickly at the church and pick up a bulletin to bring home to show them I did indeed attend. I did not find anything to make me want to go. The sermons were boring and the ceremony was in Latin, not one of my favorite languages. I would say that I do believe in an afterlife but not the way it is described in the Bible or preached in schools. I know I have to live a good life if I have any chance at insuring my place at the pearly gates so this is what I decided to do throughout my life. Madeleine and I were married in a Catholic Church but before they married us we had to sign a contract to confirm the fact that we would raise our children Catholic. It was a form of blackmail for if we didn’t sign, we couldn’t get married. A few months after the wedding, we saw the priest that married us with his girlfriend almost sitting on his lap at a red light in Montreal North. He was major league embarrassed and took off as quick as he could once the light turned green. Today I feel stronger than ever that the Catholic Church needs to change its rules for their priests. There is too much going on within the ranks of the clergy and much too much cover-up in trying to protect these criminals preying on youngsters. Children are too precious and look up to the church as a safe haven for them only to be violated by those they trust. I respect other people’s religions and beliefs but never try to tell them how to live their lives. I have just decided to live mine as best I can and if I can make one person a day feel better about themselves or something they have done, and then I feel I have accomplished something. This is another reason that I seem to do things for others before I even think of myself. This cannot be a wrong thing, can it?

Don as a step-father:

In January of 1996, Linda called me at my apartment in Montreal and told me that she was leaving her second husband Gordie after being married to him for only 1 ½ years. We had promised each other over the years to let the other know what was happening in our lives as not to allow us to worry about the other. It seemed like a simple plan but in fact it backfired. Linda knew that if she called me I would show concern for her and want to help. She said she was moving down the road with one of her girlfriends along with the children and would stay there until the end of the school year then move into Moncton. She would call me or I would call her every day to insure we both knew what was going on. In hindsight it is easy now to see just what she was doing. She was using me against my better judgment. She would always speak of the children and how they wee doing. One week later she told me she had to move back into the house with Gordie because the children needed some kind of direction in their lives. In April 1996 I made the move to come to Moncton to live and to be with her and the children. This first year should have been a clear indicator as to how the remainder of our time together was going to be. I had found a furnished apartment here in Moncton on Dufferin Street and Archibald. She helped set it up so that when I came to live here it had all the touches of home, her home. She for all sorts of reasons would not leave the home she shared with him until June when the school year ended. I rented a duplex in McAllen Lane near Banaccord Streets. It was a three level duplex and I set up a home office on the third level where I also worked. The house came with nothing. I had to buy a fridge, stove washer, dryer, sofa as well as many other pieces of furniture to make it a home. I spent a fortune wanting to make a home for my new family. When finally Linda and the children moved in, I was paying $600 per month plus utilities for the duplex and still paying for $385 for my small apartment on Dufferin which I was still responsible for.

The first year was rough. Linda would get on the phone with her husband and beg him to take her back crying all the while. He said no for he was quite glad to rid himself of her. The man from next door came to see me one day and said that Linda was hitting on him. She would go and leave notes in his bedroom saying things like, “I was here you weren’t” among other things. She would even go over next door early some weekend mornings and go right up to the third level there he had his bedroom and wake him up by pulling off the covers on his bed. Good thing he slept in pajamas. Her divorce date finally came up and she got a settlement from Gordie but hid all the information from me. She decided she was going to buy a house without ever speaking to me about it. She applied for and received a mortgage from the Royal Bank. I found out about it when she was speaking on the phone with one of the girls she worked with and mentioned that she had been approved. We (she) purchased a house on Salisbury road and it was no secret that she wanted to live on that street because Gordie lived on that street and she would have the opportunity to see him every now and then as he drove by. My main function was to raise the children. This I see now as I look back on my relationship with her. Whenever it came to the children, all three of them, I was the one they cam to see, the school meetings and problems, problems with the law for all three of them. Having many of my CD’s and tapes taken from me and sold for drug money. The countless court appearances on behalf of her daughter, Holly. The constant worrying about them when they were out of the house. The delivering or driving them and picking them up from friends’ houses and part or full time jobs. I was there in their lives as their dad and in Linda’s as somebody to raise her children. I could never know if I was being told the truth or a lie by her. I took it for granted that I was being lied to all the time so this way I was never disappointed if it was actually the truth. So in fact I was a babysitter. I really enjoyed being their father and I firmly believe they were the only reason I worked on making the relationship work. As a reward for my being there for them, they all told me that I in fact did more for them in the time I was with them than their real father ever did for them. All I wanted was for them to have a dad. (I remembered my not having a real dad in my life and I wanted them to have one) All three of them love and respect me and I too love and respect them as well. That is what a father is. The children never used me as their mother did. Anyway, enough about her and that part of my life.. 

Don as a human being:  

This is the hardest part of my bio. Don as a human being. First I have to say that there is not a day that goes by that I do not hurt inside. I am a very lonely person although I do enjoy my own company; there is a kind of emptiness within. I no longer trust very many people. Too many people in my life have for some reason turned on me. It may however be only my imagination. I have never hated anybody in my lifetime. There were people I did not really like but I always managed to keep a straight upper lip and get along with them just the same.

By now people should have picked up on a few things about me. I enjoy helping others achieve success and happiness. I would stop at nothing to insure that they received all the help I could offer them. I always put the concerns of others ahead of my own. I love children and want them to live productive lives. I love animals and would never harm them. I do not think that any of these things make me a bad person.

I believe in trying my best to help others. I believe in doing my best at my job. I do not believe in saying NO when people ask me for help or advice. I always let them know however that my advice may not always be the best nor the most knowledgeable.

As any other human being I want World Peace and happiness for myself which I doubt I will ever achieve. I want a partner in my life that I can love for who she is and not what she pretends to be. I want to be able to smother her with love and kindness as she would truly deserve. I want to be able to continue my belief in life being too short to argue. I want to be treated with respect and dignity for who I am and for the love I share.

I want my scars and my hurt to be replaced by happiness and peace of mind. Although this may not be impossible to achieve I do not really see it happening.

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