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Perfume “The Story of a Murder”

Posted by donaldwhite on August 26, 2008

I wanted to see this film ever since I saw the trailer for it back in 2006. It is a story in the 16th century back in the days when perfume was the essence of life. It is based on a young fellow born to an unwed mother tending to her flea market stall and had him under her stall table. She sold fish and when she gave birth to him, and this wasn’t her first birth of a child, she left it under the table to be cleaned up with the remainder of the fish droppings at the end of the day.

The difference with this young fellow was that he has a remarkable sense of smell and from his first day on earth he was special. He was placed in a shelter run by a woman interested only in money and when he was old enough around the age if 14 he was sold to the owner of a tannery to work as a slave. Over the years he became familiar will all the senses around him. Everything from wet rocks to people to everything possible to man.

He finally met up with a down on his luck Italian perfume maker and befriends him by showing him how to make the exact copy of one of the most popular fragrances at the time.He did so not by measuring the ingredients in the formula but by adding just the right amounts of essences known to man at the time. It was a perfect copy. The Italian perfume maker couldn’t believe his good fortune for the young man in exchange for the knowledge the perfume maker knew and promised to teach him, improved on the competition’s formula and created no less than 100s of new fragrances making the Italian perfume maker the most important man in France at the time. He was back at the top of the perfume industry. The Italian perfume, played by Dustin Hoffman, taught the young man all that was necessary to become the world’s best perfume maker, but this still wasn’t enough to satisfy his desire to find the world’s most unique fragrance.

With the help of the Italian he was given traveling papers to go to the City of Grassie whee the finest flowers were grown but this was still not enough for his goal. He realized that every essence known to man at that time was made up of 12 different and unique base oils but it was also a legend that the Egyptians had discovered a 13th oil in one of the ancient tombs that once opened made all the world rejoice with happiness from the sense they were experiencing. This is what the young man was looking for.

He realized that the method to making oils was to distill anything and everything to discover the 13th essence. He did this by killing 12 women randomly and wrapping their bodies in animal fats and extracting their unique smells and turning them into oils. The small fortress city of Grassie needless to say became livid with fright as these young pure women were being killed and robbed of their uniqueness. When finally the 12th base oil was well sealed in his class jar he set out to find his 13th victim and did so making her his 13th and rarest oil. After carefully mixing all the oils together he was finally caught by the elders of the fortress city and sentenced to the gallows. However once upon the platform in the square he managed to release a single drop of his newest creation and all the city people fell to their knees and treated him as a god and cherished the ground he walked on allowing him to be set free and allowed of leave the city of Grassie.

The site selection for the movie was a combination of Germany, France as well as other European locations. It was well worth the wait for this movie to be released on the Internet where I patiently waited for it to download. I would have to say it was one of the better unknown films I have ever seen and will watch it over and over again.

Just my thoughts.


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